Mastering the 4 Essentials for Building Your Ideal Secondary Suite!


Mastering the 4 Essentials for Building Your Ideal Secondary Suite!

In Calgary, the trend of building secondary suites has gained immense popularity as homeowners seek to maximize living space within their properties. This home improvement project allows the creation of self-contained living units, offering additional accommodation options. Are you willing to embark on this venture? But you hesitate as you don’t have any idea about this home improvement project! Below are the four key things you need to know about building a secondary suite.


1. Understanding the Basics of a Secondary Suite

A secondary suite is a self-contained residence with two or more rooms, encompassing a kitchen, living area, bedroom, and sanitary facilities. The key requirements include bedrooms with proper egress windows, a separate bathroom, separate cooking facilities, and an entrance accessible from outside without passing through the main dwelling unit. While a shared stairwell is acceptable, each unit must have a private entrance.

2. Differentiating Between Secondary Suites and Backyard Suites

It’s crucial to distinguish between a secondary suite and a backyard suite. A secondary suite is located within the main residence, whether in the basement, main floor, or upper floor. On the other hand, a backyard suite is a detached self-contained residence encompassing garage suites, garden suites, or laneway homes. Understanding this difference helps homeowners choose the right type of additional dwelling unit for their property.

3. Navigating the Permit Process

Before diving into your secondary suite project, be aware that obtaining the necessary permits is essential. You will need a building permit and an electrical, plumbing and hvac permits. Building safety approval ensures compliance with safety requirements, while an electrical permit covers the electrical aspects of the project. Homeowners doing the work themselves can get a homeowner’s electrical permit, while contractors need to apply for the required permits.

4. How to Prepare Your Application

To streamline the application process, preparation is key. Firstly, gather essential details, including the project address, applicant information, and project specifics. Secondly, prepare the required documents and plans, adhering to the permit checklist’s specific drawing and supporting document requirements. These steps ensure a smoother application process and increase the likelihood of obtaining necessary approvals for your secondary suite project.

Final Words

Hopefully, you can successfully embark on this popular home improvement project by staying informed and following the necessary steps. And in this regard, we can be your trusted ally. We know how to create a functional and beautiful secondary suite that adds value to your property and enhances your living space. We will guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless experience. So, contact us immediately!

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